Lyrics Policy Agreement

As a host or hostess of an event you have a sizable investment attached to considerably high expectations for success.  Team Resonation understands this significance and Tailors everything we do as your sound and light support service provider; around your vision.  The same way you wouldn’t wear an ill-fitting suit to your wedding ceremony; Resonation will not provide you with a sloppy and generic music collection to entertain your special guests!

As your sound support service provider we will be playing music that has been created by an artist to entertain the public.  Music produces emotions which motivate people to act or feel in a specific manner which is entirely unique to them as individuals.  Rarely will two people react in precisely the same manner to the same song or even react in the same manner each subsequent time they hear the same song.  Just as our lives are distinct and ever changing the emotion and thoughts provoked by a song are ever changing.  Each of us are free to determine what moves us and how it moves us.  Your Resonation DJ is in the business to move people in a pleasing and positive way; yet, recognizes that he has no right to violate their free will!

Respecting the diversity of cultures and beliefs governing us as individuals; Team Resonation works diligently to provide music which is mass appealing and uniformly appropriate for our “play audience”.  While it is not our intention to offend any guest or client; neither do we have the ability to please everyone at every time.  Resonation staff members make every attempt to achieve unanimous pleasure with our provided services by working with our Paying Client to develop their theme(s), adhere to their genre(s) choice, and follow their directives including a “No Play List” of either artists or song titles.  Team Resonation will do our best to operate within our Paying Clients established limitations as they are provided to us in accordance with our contractual terms of agreement.

Team Resonation is comprised of a happily married couple who have raised two children of their own and now have three grandchildren.  We state this to offer some reasonable assurance that we have an understanding of “age appropriate content” and always consider our “play audience” for every event.  As Resonation owner operators all of our efforts are directed toward our clients satisfaction within our human limitations.

Regarding All School related events:  Your Event Consultant will review an available copy of the most current School Handbook to inform our staff of the basic guidelines; as established by the School and as outlined within their School Handbook.  Team Resonation will adopt these same expressed guidelines in reviewing and compiling the “playlist” for that school’s event.  In all School events a “no play list” is required  and a copy of the finalized “playlist” for the event will be provided by our Resonation DJ in advance of the event for official approval.   We make every effort to involve School Officials and their appointed Representatives with multiple opportunities to exercise discretion even elimination of music content up to an including throughout the event time booked.  Resonation relies upon School personnel to aid us in music screening; while doing our best as adults, parents, and grandparents to filter out questionable content.  Considering the subjective nature of determining appropriate vs. inappropriate content; we heartily welcome and appreciate your assistance.  Each student will always have the ability to make “request(s)” for their event on our website in advance of their event; however, if any song “request” is on the provided “No play listing” it will be “dropped” from consideration immediately.  If a song of questionable content (according to the School’s Handbook criteria ie Language, Violence, etc.) is “request” on the website, our Event Consultant will be in touch with the designated Coordinator of the event for approval; without which, the song will Not be given “Playtime” at the event.  Additionally, any song “request” made during the course of the event will Not be given “Playtime”; unless and until approval is provided by a School Official present at the event.  This is our commitment of every effort being made to comply with the School’s Policy; in as much as, we have been made aware of said policies content.

Regarding Non-School events:  Your Resonation DJ asks that you provide him with a “no play listing” which enables him to have a better idea of your unique sensitivities; he then proceeds with the creation of your Tailored event “playlist” based upon the impressions provided him from your listing.  The finalized version of your event “playlist” will always be made available for your review upon request.

Your Resonation Event Consultant covers music content in her initial meeting during the preliminary planning stages leading to your event date; in an effort to , determine your feelings and establish your controls.  Both your DJ and Event Consultant desire to please you and your guests during the course of your event; however, they each require your valued assistance to ensure the best possible outcome.

Together our teamwork discussing concerns and known sensitivities, even past issues you may have encountered or witnessed will ensure your event has the music you and your guests want to hear and potentially eliminates the occasion for “Spoilers” or developments you and we would rather avoid.  In the event that a “Spoiler” occurs during “playtime”;  in spite of all our mutual efforts, a simple “Kill” sign will see it “Fade” into silence as another song is “Cued”  in its place.  This seamless transition away from a “Spoiler” will be executed efficiently and expeditiously by our Resonation DJ without a moments hesitation.  Team Resonation believes in delivering what the client wants to the best of our abilities in every event.

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