Shane Hafle

Shane Hafle
Owner, Disc Jockey

Rounding out the duo is our DJ Shane. When it comes to sound, lighting, and dance you would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic individual! Possessing a strong affection for all things music, eager and willing to participate in everything FUN, and equipped with over 20,000 watts of concert quality sound gear accompanied by brilliant dance floor lighting, this guy is sure to get something started!

It has been said that Shane was grooving to music before he saw this world and his rhythm will definitely get your body moving! Since time immemorial Shane has been the guy with the tunes! Whether he was busting moves in the pasture to his “boombox” or starting the ‘Party Train’ around the downtown square in his hometown, his beat thumps on! As a teen, having spent summers in Kansas City, Shane frequented all the club ‘Hot Spots’ and endeavored to perfect his funky groove. Music resonates deep within Shane’s soul.

Privileged to be called upon by family and friends to bring his “party in a box” to all their special occasions; Shane has been grooving and moving the people in his world for well over 30 years! Though this is not something that Shane has done professionally for that amount of time; it has never stopped people from calling and requesting his services, or encouraging him to DJ professionally! Well, they finally got their wish! Team Resonation was created in the Fall of 2012 and we could not be more pleased to be serving your entertainment event needs!

Shane has been collecting music since he was a kid; that kid has never grown up, he is still collecting music having already built a library of well over 200,000 songs! Spanning across the eras and multiple genres of music; whatever your individual tastes may be, you are sure to find something you want to hear in the collection. People are often surprised at what Shane will pull up; accustomed to being told their request is unavailable, eyes often pop in wonder and awe when he says “it will play next”! Of course Shane doesn’t have everything, he will be the first to tell you that; however, he will follow that up by saying “I need to get that and have it for you next time!”. Now some would say, sure, I just bet you will. Rest assured folks, Shane will get the song and have it for you at your next event! In fact, Shane will most likely announce that “this next song is for” you because his word and your satisfaction means something to him!

A keen observer, Shane is ever aware of his audience. Reading expressions, listening to remarks in passing, and gauging participation in the FUN are but a few of his finely honed skills. You don’t have to worry over breaking the flow when the dance floor is full; ‘Grooves and Sparkles’ doesn’t fall asleep at the helm or desert his post treating your valued guest to the sounds of silence! You won’t find a more dedicated professional or a more fun loving character to entertain every member on your guest list! Why, at any point in time he may call upon his co-entertainer ‘Mistress of Mischief’ to work the crowd according to your discussed theme! Whatever your important event calls for, Team Resonation will strive to deliver your vision to the very best of their combined abilities. We will make your event resonate with memories for a lifetime!