Michelle Hafle

Michelle Hafle
Event Consultant

Your first contact with our team will be Michelle, your event fun consultant. Once you have booked your event date, Michelle will contact you to schedule your consultation any time prior to the 30 day mark. This consultation enables our team to be provided with a clear vision of your event expectations; ensuring your desired outcome is realized to the best of our abilities!

Prior to your consultation appointment, Michelle will ask that you complete a brief questionnaire (see the Booking tab for link) located on our website. Your honest answers afford insight and understanding of your specific event needs. Michelle will utilize the information you provide to tailor our teams involvement to best serve your expectations because we have FUN working for you!

As we join forces during this preliminary planning stage everyone can develop a comfort level of communication offering easy explanation for any questions or open discussion for necessary revisions which may arise. Until the last song is played; Michelle is your advocate and you her first priority, together we make FUN things happen!

Michelle’s radiant personality and outgoing spirit provides every Host/Hostess a resource with which they may create the ultimate experience for their guests. Having a solid background in public speaking and promotional modeling, Michelle will be honored to provide your ideal level of her involvement in your festivities. During your event, Michelle can make announcements and dedications for your special guests and get your event grooving with her passionate love of dancing! Be warned though, Michelle is known to get into mischief all the time and has a crazy habit of generating a seriously FUN event atmosphere!